Friday, December 29th

Friday,  December 29th

Our day started this morning at around 6:30 this morning. We first drove to Dr. Maya’s brand new clinic. It was opened about 10 months ago and had very nice equipment, complete with 3 in-patient rooms, a labor and delivery area, a pharmacy, and a dentist area.

We drove with Dr. Maya and his team to the place where we set up clinic. We set up our stations and saw about 80 patients today, with over 30 more that we will continue to see tomorrow. We had three different sections of stations, including doing the initial broad assessment of symptoms, assessing the patient more completely, and then referring them on if they needed more assistance. With the use of our social workers from the community, we were able to communicate with the patients who spoke only Swahili or Maasai so we could understand how to help them. Our patients were a fast array of cases, including goiters, thyroid issues, nasal polyps, infected and swollen tonsils, back pain, joint pain, fractures, eyesight issues, hypertension patients, and many other different sorts of cases. We were able to recommend medications to these patients as well as send them on and refer them to hospitals and doctors in the area that Gayle knows well.

We finished the day at around 6 pm having been able to help many people from the village as well as others from the surrounding communities who were able to come by bus.


This is Gayle.  I am so excited about today.  God guided  to an area where the needs of the patients were overwhelming.  The patients kept coming and coming and we will be going back to the same clinic tomorrow and see the patients we did not get to see today plus another village of people are coming.  We were exhausted by the end of the day but my heart breaks for these people.  They have to live with so much pain and bad conditions because  they have no money and or have not had access to health care.  So thanks to the many donors who help us financially to provide these free clinics, free medication and all their health care will be paid for by Hope Ministries.  God bless you.

Mama Gayle