Come Join Us for BBQ and Talks with Dr. Isidor!



Come join us for our 4th Annual Winter BBQ on January 25, 2018 in Sioux City, IA, where Dr. Isidor, a gifted, selfless surgeon, will share about his current experience as a surgeon amidst the heartland of Africa and how Hope Ministries has helped his surgical experience become such a success helping the impoverished, hurting lives of many Africans.


Kamanga Medics Hospital, located in Mwanza, Tanzania, was first established as a clinic for four years to assist many Tanzanians, whom had absolutely no access to a specialist consultation. 


Most people in Tanzania do not have the financial ability to afford the treatment their bodies so badly need.  Even some who were able to afford the treatment were not seen because both specialists and resources/supplies were limited. 


Kamanga Medics Hospital mission is to serve ALL of those who need medical attention, no matter what their financial ability or social status may be. 


Kamanga Medical Hospital has gradually expanded from its infrastructure to it’s medical equipment within the last three years. This hospital is on it’s way to being the first, largest private-owned hospital in the African Lake Victoria zone.


Another local medical center, Bugando Medical Center, was so overloaded with patients that many of them had to travel 16 hours by bus to the next hospital in Dar Es Salaam in order to be treated. However, thanks to the growth and support of Kamanga Medics Hospital in the past, patients are now able to be treated locally without having to make that 16 hour bus drive. 


Since the beginning, Hope Ministries, a generous organization from South Dakota, has joined along side of Kamanga Medics and has supported the center in many various ways:


1.       Providing medical equipment and supplies, such as orthopedics, endoscopes (EGD, colonoscopes & bronchoscopes).

2.      Providing medical drugs all the way to patients uniforms.

3.       Providing U.S. volunteer specialists who provide consultations and surgeries to local patients.

4.       Providing training for residents and doctors. Dr Rodrick Kabangira, a local from Tanzania, was recently given a 2 week preceptorship at the Dunes Surgical Hospital.

 5.       Foreseeing Kamanga Medics future building plans to help expand with many diverse specialties such as: a brain and spine unit, cathlabs, eye and ENT, hepatobiliary and orthopedic units.

6.      Supporting Kamanga Medics to train specialists of their own so Kamanga will be sustainable without relying on specialists from surrounding hospitals, such as Bugando to come and supply work. 


As you can see, Hope Ministries not only invests in the lives of the medical staff and medical residents in Tanzania, but also invests in the lives of every single patient from impoverished families to local workers. Please join us as Dr. Isidor talks more about Hope Ministries and the goodness that they are cotinuously providing for the overall health of Tanzanians. 


With Love,

Hope Ministries