1/8/17 – Do, Teach, Learn

This is Mama Gayle and this is our little girl Glory who we have been praying for that was badly burned and had surgery this last October.  I got to see her today and was met with a lot of hugs.  She will have surgery again in February by the same plastic surgeon.  Please continue to pray for her and thanks to everyone who donates to Hope Ministries.  Your donations are going towards this little girls surgeries, healthcare and care of her family.  Through your donations and our assistance, this beautiful little girl has a chance at life.  Love and miss you all.  Gayle

I’m finding that on my first mission trip, “Do, Teach, Learn” should be the mission statement for any mission trip. I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve been working with people from all over the world my entire career and Gayle has been able to bring together a group of knowledgeable, caring, professional individuals who have come together to apply those and all of their other attributes into an efficient and effective Team. They’re ready to do whatever is necessary for every individual they meet.

Each member is ready to teach and impart whatever knowledge they have to those they come in contact with: whether at the airport, children’s home, clinic, or restaurant. They continually let others see God’s love and compassion through their demeanor, actions, and works.

All of us are learning from those we meet. From my new “grand daughter” Agnes, I learned that nothing she heard from a big scary guy was going to give her the trust and faith she displayed in me when I removed a splinter from her hand. And the wonderful joy she showed when the splinter was gone and a kiss of love helped to make it all better.

I am the non-medical member of this Team who wasn’t sure what he was going to be called by God to do. But God will never put something in front of you that He either hasn’t prepared you to do or where He is ready to teach you if you’re open to learn.