1/5/17 A Day at Light in Africa

(Children at Light in Africa praying and singing.)

Hey All! 

After a few long flights with only a few glitches, the team has finally made it to our destination – the beautiful, God-created country of Tanzania. With our faithful drivers, we made it to Mama Lynn’s Light of Africa late in the night on Wednesday. The team proved to be fairly tired, so all slept well and were ready for the full day ahead.

To be honest, before going on this trip, I had seen the many pictures, I had heard the amazing stories, and I had read the many posts that I thought had me extremely excited and prepared for this incredible journey. Man, it has already been, in one day, so much more than I could have ever imagined, more life – changing than anything else I have ever experienced. 

The team spent the majority of the day getting acclimated to the time change, touring the orphanage, and enjoying lots of time with the children at Mama Lynn’s. Everyone has been so welcoming and appreciative of all that we are doing, especially the children. It honestly humbles you to the core that children that have so little appreciate and care so much, the world could always use more of this pure beauty. 

Truthfully, I can understand why Gayle and Shelby continually say that they want to bring a child home with them every time – these kids are adorable, loving, faithful, and caring for one another. The toddlers line up on the steps to greet you with a song, the young men cater to your every need regarding housing and dinner, and the girls will sing songs of praise that not only knock your socks off, but bring you so close to God. Literally, these children are not only beautiful creations of our Heavenly Father, but they are proof of the good still in this world today. They do not realize it, but they have already taught me more about my faith, strength, and courage than I could have ever expected. 

I honestly am so grateful to be able to go on this incredible journey to serve the people of Tanzania, improve health conditions amongst many, and grow in my faith with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. A big thank you to all of you back home supporting and praying for our team! 

Thanks for making it through my first blog post, 

Allyson Murphy 

How blessed I am to have such a wonderful team.  I saw some patients today to determine which ones we need to see at the clinic and bring to see our Doctors.  I want to ask everyone to say some very special prayers until Monday for our little girl Karen, who was the little girl that I found in May and her and her brother had been locked in a barn.  Karen is walking but she has some spine issues and has been having mini seizures.  

She is absolutely a beautiful child but I am really worried about her.  So please say special prayers!!!!!