Today was a day full of learning, about both in the health care field and Tanzanian cultural. We started the morning at Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, which Gayle refers to as the “Mayo Clinic of Tanzania.” While Gayle attended a meeting, Olivia, Alli, Taylor, and I observed a meeting of the head nurses in the hospital. We then took a tour of the beautiful and impressive facilities. We learned much about how the hospital operates from a nurse who took us through the pediatric ward, general surgery ward, and physical therapy clinic (just to name a few.) The students who are thinking of taking physical learning received a lot of great information from a physio who worked at the hospital.  We really enjoyed hearing about how they practice medicine in Tanzania.  

After the tour of the hospital, we ate lunch and then headed to the Massai market for hopefully complete our shopping. We felt a little more comfortable walking through the market, finding what we want, and bartering for a good price.

Finally, we headed to a food market to buy food to bring on our hospice visits tomorrow. It was a new cultural experience as we saw the giant carts full of produce and the building with hanging meat. Julius did an excellent job of bartering for food to get the best prices possible. We are looking forward to bringing food to the hospice homes tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support!
Tarynne Kinghorn