Today was another blessed day in Tanzania. We started the morning with running a few errands and then made our way to the Meserani Snake Park located just outside of Arusha. This site also had camels and a Maasai museum. First, a baby camel caught Gayle’s eye so we went over and saw the baby camel stumbling around that was only one week old! There was also another camel named Pepsi and one named Brownie that took a few advances towards Olivia’s hair!
After a lovely and bumpy camel ride, some of us decided to enter the snake park where we saw alligators, birds, tortoises, and snakes. We got to see the black mamba (at a safe distance), which is Africa’s deadliest and most aggressive snake.We were then allowed to hold a couple of snakes in our hands and around our necks. We were all nervous at first but we grew to find them just absolutely adorable!
We then went through the Maasai museum where we learned a little more about their culture and way of living. There were replicas of traditional Maasai homes and models of Maasai traditions including hunting, dress, and the traditional male circumcision practice.
After a delicious, buffet-style meal we returned to Ahadi Lodge for a relaxing evening.

God Bless,
Taylor Kavaya