Wow what a day!!

Well the medical team was off to Bugando Hospital early to listen to the doctors report and then off to surgery we went. We really had some difficult cases. I can tell you one thing they should not have motorcycles in Africa because 90% of the orthopedic cases are due to these accidents and we have seen some horrible fractures and wounds and difficult surgeries.

Had a very interesting case today. It was a young mother who was transferred in from another village. A robber had come to her house to rob them and when she was trying to protect her children they kicked and hit her in the head and face and then took a machute and slicked through her arm and bone. What a mess but with a lot of screws and wires they got the bone back in place and this lady will regain full use of her arm. It was really something to see. A couple of the students were in surgery with Mark and I and a couple more were able to follow the physician in pediatrics so got to see the NICU and many babies.

The rest of team spent the day at a children's home and sounds like they really had a great day with the kids. As we gathered together at supper we shared the stories of our days. It is so fun to watch how this young college students have grown through this experience. I feel so blessed to be able to witness this. I told them to take with them this experience and to always remember these poor people of Tanzania and what they have to go through.

Another day of surgery tomorrow. Pray for us because have a difficult hip fracture that we need to fix. Hard to believe we will be leaving for home in 3 days. The days have gone so fast and I have loved every minute of it. When you see the hardships here it makes you count your blessings and a big reminder to focus on the positive things in life and thank God for the day.

Had supper at a beautiful restaurant by Lake Victoria and the food was awesome…so we are not starving and went for a walk.

Love you all and again thanks everyone for the prayers and support you have provided Hope Ministries and you made it possible for us to help so many people.



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