What Is Our Purpose?

What is our purpose here at Hope Ministries?

Our main purpose at Hope Ministries is to provide opportunities that strengthen and enliven the Faith of those who are served. We also aim to encourage and strengthen those who serve along side of us through a personal, hands-on mission experience that reflects Christ’s Love and Hope to all.

Every year we complete two mission trips to the heartland of Africa. As we serve on the ground in Tanzania, we meet and work with many people from orphans to patients in both the hospital and homecare setting along with all of their wonderful medical staff. We love and truly cherish the work we are able to accomplish while across seas and in the United States.

As we walk into this beautiful Easter weekend, we are reminded of the beautiful Sacrifice and the True meaning of our work that we have the opportunity to do every single day, sharing Jesus’ Light and Life everywhere we go.

May we be reminded of the True meaning of this Sunday and enjoy the Freedom and Love that comes from our beautiful Savior above.

Happy Easter,

Hope Ministries