Hi! Hello there! Welcome!

Hope Ministries is a nonprofit Christian family that cares for orphans, provides medical care and supplies, gives educational and spiritual support, and brings faith, hope and love to the people of Tanzania, Africa.

We, at Hope Ministries, would like to extend a huge welcome and thank you to all of those who are following along with and encouraging us in our mission. If you are new to Hope Ministries or curious about the work that we do, we would love to connect with you! You can reach out through our Contact Page on our website, where we can share with you our past and current Tanzanian adventures, how God has been moving not only in our lives but many other lives in Tanzania, and educate you on how you could also invest in the lives of many poor and powerless individuals in Tanzania yourself.

We believe that all lives matter, and we are dedicated to sharing the Good News, healing the sick, and aiding the orphans in Tanzania, Africa. 

Thank you for being along with us on this ride! 

With Love,

Hope Ministries