Wednesday, May 30th

Wednesday, May 30th

As crazy as it sounds to many of us, our time on this trip is drawing to a close. Tomorrow will be our last day of wholly dedicated service to the least of these in Tanzania. Yet, though our collective energy is nearly spent, and our spirits nigh overwhelmed with all that we’ve beheld, God hasn’t tired in the slightest, and greater things are yet to be done in Tanzania.

Once more, our team was split between Fonelisco Orphanage and Bugando Medical Center (BMC). Courtney and Shawna had a wonderful time with the loveliest of children. It has been a hot bed for Baby Fever at that Orphanage, and the children are just Petri dishes for infectious laughs, smiles, and warm hearts. Courtney instructed the children briefly on the importance of sleep, and gifted the little lovelies with their own battery-operated (and battery included) alarm clocks. On a providential note, Shawna has felt God speak to her through this trip, particularly through her interaction with the kids today.

Those of us who went to BMC saw, in many ways, more of the same. Yet, God, in His grace and wisdom, continued to grow, challenge, and love on us in the things He put in our path throughout the day. I for one, spent 3 hours with the patients in the Psychiatric ward. I heard tales of tragedy and heartbreak as well as providence and redemption. There’s something that is eye-opening: to see, firsthand, when God is at work and when faithful adore Him in like manner all around the World. Others of us saw more heart-breaking cases of Piki-Piki (motorcycle) accidents, amputations, and despair. However, we also witnessed some of the collective fruit of the historical labor of Hope Ministries as Doctors handled severe cases with precision and wisdom. 


More often than not, we do not get the opportunity to see the fruits of our Kingdom labor, as we cannot adequately perceive the multiplicative planning of God’s wisdom. Furthermore, often God’s seed comes to its full bloom at Eternity’s shore. Yet, in His grace,  the Lord let us see just a glimpse of what His Faithful can do, empowered by His love. 

May this declaration of God’s goodness be without error, all of you well, and encourage your hearts to pursue His redeeming work in the world with utmost fervency.

Sending love from the Cradle of Civilization,

Robert & The Team.

Here the doctors of the ENT department at Bugando Hospital received a donation of a large microscope and ear drill.  Thanks to Sarah Powell for getting these for them.  As you can see by the smiles they were thrilled and very appreciative to receive this equipment.  This donated equipment will help so many patients here.  God bless all involved in this donation.