Wednesday, July 7th


God never said things would be easy when you are going to do his work.  My patience and faith have really been tested with this trip.  This is my 27th trip and I have had fires to put out daily.  Four of us left out of Omaha on Monday to Chicago.  We had to have Covid tests and then needed to complete forms for Ethiopia and  Tanzania.  We had an over night in Chicago and then were meeting the rest of our group that was leaving out of Minneapolis.

I received a txt at 5 am that their were problems with their tickets.  Thanks to Laurie Roesner, my travel agent, she assisted them.  Sorry to say they have been delayed for 24 hours so will arrive a day later than us.

I quickly woke my group up so we could get to the airport to check on our tickets.  Praise God our tickets were OK.   We have just arrived in Addis, Ethiopia after a 13.5 hour flight.  YIKES….that was a long time.  My group has remained patient about the whole situation and I reminded them we are on God’s timing.

I called Julius from Chicago to let him know all the changes and he  is so awesome and was going to make some phone calls to let people know the changes.  He sounded so excited and I can’t wait to give him a big hug.

Please pray all goes well at the Kili airport.  We have to have another Covid test, get our visas confirmed, they will check our traveler’s info we entered online.  Then I get to face the gruesome interrogation on the clearance of my medical equipment.  With 13.5 hours of flying time I have had  plenty of time to pray that all goes well at the airport.

I so very excited to return to my 2nd home.  It has been far too long.  Thanks so much everyone for your prayers and support.  We will be blogging daily.


Gayle and the Hope team