Wednesday, December 29th

What an amazing day it has been! We held an outreach clinic out in Maasai land in an area where they only spoke Maasai not Swahili, so we had to find an interpreter.   The first area we arrived at was full of bats and I told them we could not have clinic there, so we moved to a church. After Julius and investigated the area we arranged the areas.  The look the students had on their face showed we they were alarmed, but I assured them it was going to be great.

The nursing students were concerned about their assessments skills but I assured them I would be there to help them.  They did an awesome job and remained calm and flexible with the different situations.  I told them when they looked at each patient to see the face of Jesus.

We saw a total of 87 patients and the stories we heard and what these patients have had to endure breaks my heart.   It is unbelievable what poverty does to people.  Many of these patients have endured pain, deformities and sickness for a long time because of lack of money and lack of assess to health care.  The outreach doctor choose this remote area because of the huge need of these beautiful people.  As we saw the patients I know God was with us.

I referred 8 patients to Selian Hospital where we will see them in clinic after my Ortho/spine doctor arrives.  An example of one of our patients was a 41 year old that was in a car accident 16 years ago.  She had a fractured arm that surgery was performed on with the insertion of plates and screws. She had an X-ray taken in 2019 and the bone were not aligned and did not heal.   They told her she needed surgery and because she had no money she has lived with an arm that the bones are not together and she has been in alot of pain. So very very sad!

Then we saw a two year child that had a hand that all the fingers fused.  Mom begged me to help her child.  It is called syndactly and the good thing was that there is bone present so we can operate to separate the fingers. Mom was thrilled to hear that we could do surgery but she said I have no money and I told her Hope Ministries would fund her medical care.  Thanks to all the donors……this is what your funds are doing to help these beautiful people.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Mama  Gu