We Arrived in Tanzania Last Night, and Began Our Work Today

Greetings family, friends, and supporters of Hope Ministiries' January 2014 Tanzania Team!  Last night we landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport, a rural airfield betweeen to two cities, and were greeeted by our guide-friends and sisters from St. Joseph's Hospital.  The total travel time was around 23 hours with connections in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Amsterdam, Holland.  We all were properly effected by the travel, but exited the plane and made it to our greeters with energetic anticipation.

The nuns accompanied us during our ride to Tudor Village.  Tudor Village is a holiday park of sorts situated adjacent to an orphanage of the same name.  The residence of the orphanage are all disabled, abandoned, and have expereineced traumatic abuse.  Our host here is mama Lynn.  She is a British woman who is now raising her "third generation of children."  She trained and was employed as a social worker prior to coming to Tanzania a couple decades ago.  Right off over tea, mama Lynn explained to us that we need to be prepared to be frustrated; that we will learn T.I.F. or This Is Africa.  T.I.F is was we will say to remind ourselves to be patient and understanding in our work when frustration creeps into our efforts.

Today we broke into a medical and nonmedical team as assigned.  After waking up, looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro straight to the near East, and having a fresh breakfast the medical team departed for St. Joseph hospital where a variety of tasks were done.  Students joined Dr. Wheeler examing patients for Monday's surgeries, joined medical laboratory technicians in the labs, and were given a tour of the hospital rooms and wards.  The non-medical team stayed at Tudor Vilage and helped with the children.  They then went to town to change money.

Tanzania is a very welcoming place.  As soon as we landed, that feeling was in the air's scent, the nun's greetings, and later the cups of tea at Tudor Village.  Tonight we will get our first real night of sleep, and set fourth again on the morrow to continue our work.








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