Untreated Infections

A Tanzania Reflection:

Nearly 8 months ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with Hope Ministries. And let me tell you, I have been reeling ever since.

Our three and a half weeks off on the ground was filled with so many patients, adorable children, incredible creation, lots of dancing, amazing food, and people’s lives being transformed left and right through donated time, surgeries and treatments.

The cases and patients we witnessed were heartbreaking. We saw an entire family being impacted by a parent’s failed surgery many years prior. We took care of a boy, my age, who became deaf from recurrent, untreated ear infections.

There were children who had continuous seizures, deformed limbs, mental health struggles, substance abuse addictions, gruesome cancer, and so much more. It was incredible that we were able to truly help every single one of these individuals.

For the equivalent cost of a pair of Nike shoes, a young girl was able to have surgery on her hand to separate her congenital fused fingers. For the same cost of a nice restaurant meal, a father was given many months-worth of heart medication to prevent him from having a heart attack or stroke, which allowed him to work and provide income for his family.

But you know what? God didn’t need me to go to Tanzania. Instead, because of His goodness and Grace, He chose to use me. He chose to move in the hearts of those around me and provide generous donations. He chose numerous people to pray for our team while we served on the ground, and so much more.  

Jesus blessed me richly by allowing me to take part in the healing and restoration of so many people. Despite the brokenness and suffering, God is who He says He is, and He is faithful to finish what He started.

If you are able, give generously. Serve where you can. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Tanzania. Not only will their lives change, but I am confident yours will too.

God Bless You,

Abby Dykstra 🤍

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