Unconscious for 2 Days

A Surgical Case – By Gayle

Today we had a surgical case with a 32-year-old patient; she was riding on the back of a motorcycle when it abruptly hit a car head-on. Sadly, instead of someone bringing her to the hospital, she was immediately taken home after the accident for some reason where she stayed for 2 whole days, completely unconscious. After two days at home, someone thankfully brought her to the hospital. She had multiple lacerations, infected wounds, a broken jaw, missing teeth, and a hip fracture. She continued to drift in and out of consciousness while we assessed her. We immediately proceeded to surgery with this patient.

Overall, the surgery took us about 4 hours. Although the orthopedic equipment they have is marginal, Dr. Wheeler was able to work hard and come up with the right equipment to help her injuries. With much work and a lot of prayers, she was able to make it through surgery. Motorcycle accidents in Tanzania are far too common. I’m thankful Dr. Wheeler and our surgical team were able to help this woman’s health. A huge thank you to all of our donors; you helped make this trip possible with your donations and helped supply the medications, medical equipment, and surgical supplies, needed to care for so many people we encountered. May God bless you all; I genuinely believe that each and every one of you will one day be rewarded for your kindness.

With Love,


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