Tuesday, Jan. 17th

January 16th

How are y’all doin’ today? It’s Ryan and today the group had a good day. The team split between the hospital and a local orphanage where they played with the kids, took gifts, bought food that was funded by Hope Ministries, and taught the children different things such as simple math using fun card games and feminine hygiene. Hailey taught the kids different dances and exercises such as the chicken dance. The team had a great time being able to spend time with the children.

The hospital team continued to gain valuable experience from the local doctors and from other team members. Devin was able to scrub into three surgeries today and enjoyed the learning opportunities from Sarah and Marni. Rachael was in anesthesia today and found that the experiences from our Anesthesia doctors to be interesting and enjoyed the opportunity to watch an epidural being used today. Derek enjoyed the opportunity to observe the thyroid surgeries that were conducted today. Mikayla was able to scrub in twice today and enjoyed the whole patient contact experience from before surgery until after surgery.
Thank you to all of the people that make this possible for us to observe surgeries and gain this valuable experience. Thank you also to the doctors on our team that are great teachers and enjoyable to be around such as Dr. K. Here is Dr. K working hard!

Hi this is Gayle. Wow what awesome experiences the teams are getting. Today was a very nervous day for me because I put on a lot of miles running between OR rooms. Today a very dear friend of mine from Arusha, had surgery and I was with her the entire time. She calls me her American Mom and was hard to see her go through this surgery. I was so blessed to Sarah doing the surgery and our anesthetists watching over her. When I went out to tell her mom the surgery was over and she did well, she just hugged me and cried. Love this girl and we prayed together before she was put to sleep. God the great physician continues to be our light and strength as we doing our medical work here. I just cannot express in words, the number of people who have been touched by this mission team. The days are long and we come home exhausted but has we share our days each evening and do our devotions, my heart is warmed by how this trip is affecting each of the team members. I know they will come home a changed person. I have so enjoyed getting to know each of them. Thanks for your continual prayers and to all the donors that have assisted us financially.

This is such a cool day, because Sarah Powell was able to work in OR with the resident that her office is sponsoring in residency program.  And Mark scrubbed in OR and taught an ortho resident that we are sponsoring.  Education is the key to making a permanent change in Tanzania, and I am just so proud of the 5 residents were are sponsoring.  Your funds help make this huge impact in TZ.  

I pray that you all will come to our fundraiser on Thursday, January 25th. Dr. Isidor will be coming back with me, and he is a dynamic speaker. You will really enjoy hearing about medical care in Tanzania and what he and a group of doctors are doing to assist their people.