Time for the Team to Arrive

Well my Tanzanian team and I are ready for the team to arrive. Have been consulting about patients all day and sending lab and X-ray results to my physicians for further advise. They are going to be busy when they arrive.   

I have heard from the team and they boarded their last flight in Amsterdam.   Julius, Freeman, Faraja and I are headed to the airport  to pick them up  I am so excited.  Please pray for Kelly that was supposed be coming with the team, as she lost her son.  All of us at Hope Ministries are sending a lot of hugs, prayers and a lot of lobe to Kelly and her family.  May God wrap his loving and caring arms around you all and give you strength during this difficult time.  We are really going to miss you.

The team will start their daily blogs tomorrow and please pray for us as we do God’s work here in TZ.  

God bless,

Mama Gayle