Thursday Jan. 19th at the Hospital

Praise God for your strength and patience as we performed a delicate spine surgery that took us 4 1/2 hours. The room was filled with residents, medical students, radiology students and nursing students because all were interested in seeing and learning. Dr. Isidor assisted Dr Steve. I explained to anesthesiology that it was very important that the patient remained sedated and that the patient did not move because this was a very delicate surgery and movement could cause permanent damage. Steve was patient and kind in teaching Isidor. Isidor was so excited and said he learned so much. Now this teaching leaves a permanent impact in health care here. Hope Ministries main objective is teaching! We started with prayer and that always moves me to know that the Great Physician is there with us.

Mark Wheeler went with Dr. Inyas on patient rounds, which included so many patients. I was very impressed with Dr. Inyas that he did such thorough assessment, showed empathy to his patients and was good about teaching the students. BUT you will not believe he was on rounds for almost 4 1/2 hours. That is a new concept for our physicians. I went to OR and finally called them to make sure they were not lost.

Here is a video of Steve doing spine surgery and teaching Dr Isidor.  


Doing post op rounds on all the patients we did surgery on.  Mark and Steve are some awesome teachers.  Bless them for all they did to help these patients and through their teaching they have made an impact in the health care in Tanzania.

This is Bugando Hospital in Mwanza that is a 1000 bed hospitals.  This does not mean their is a 1000 beds but that their can be 2-3 per bed.

This is precious littl boy that had very crooked legs that we did surgery on.  I cannot believe how brave these kids are.  This little guy and I bonded in clinic and then when he came to OR I held him until he was put to sleep.  He gave me a lot of kisses and of course I gave him many.  Just love these little guys.  

Sorry about all the posts coming at once.  We have been working long hours and getting home late, so we all fall into bed exhausted.  The team was worried about being bored and getting home sick.  Lucky them, Mama Gayle does not let that happen!