Therefore I Am

He did, therefore I am.

Christ’s sacrificial love on the cross is what provides us with the complete freedom that we have today. The freedom to serve, the freedom to love and the freedom to give in whatever capacity He has called us each individually to do.

Today and the days to come, let’s relish in the sweetness of the most freeing gift and let’s love and serve those who are aching without it. His story is redeeming, and His love is impacting. Join us at Hope Ministries by serving those in need in Tanzania. You can come alongside of us through many ways such as, covering our team in prayer, partnering with us financially or even traveling abroad with us to serve those in Tanzania.

There is nothing one could do or say to earn one ounce of His Love. It’s already there, so why not begin today and impact those who need His Love the most.

With Love,

Hope Ministries