The Power of Self Love

From the wise words of Brennan Manning: 

“Self hatred is an enormous obstacle to loving other people. Usually we dislike others not because we love ourselves too much, but because we’re not able to love ourselves enough.. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, my capacity to love you lies in direct proportion to my ability to love myself.”

How often do we grant ourselves the grace of Jesus Christ? How often do we tell ourselves that day in and day out we treasured, cherished, and unique children of God? In Hope Ministries, we care for many poor, sick and broken strangers.  We provide food for many abandoned, neglected, and thrown aside orphans.

In order to really care for those around us, we need to truly care for ourselves as well. Allowing His Love to direct us in ways where we as individuals find His rest best — maybe that’s placing our phones down and enjoying a fall afternoon stroll through the park or potentially sipping on a warm cup of coffee with friends as you process through His Loving Word or even just simply gazing outside and taking in the beauty of all His creations around. Whatever that may be, we pray that we may all care for ourselves in the healthiest ways possible. That He may guide us in seeking real, true Rest, and that we may conquer this world by extending His beauty of full Love towards ourselves and lavish it onto the many others around.

– Hope Ministries