The Lords Day!

Ring a ding ding ding. Yep thats the church bells ringing you know what time it is, to pull on the maxi skirts and try to look half way decent. After getting a much needed morning of relaxing till nine o'clock Freeman showed up on time and it was on our way to church. We went to a different church that only Gayle has been to before. The building was filled and for a change there was an abundance of white people around. The service was beautiful and the songs were great, the on and off power didn't stop our worshipping for a second. Of course Gayle got a little teary eyed at some of the farewell songs for the other congregation members, but everyone was in smiles and high spirits by the time we walked out of the doors. Then we had some things to wrap up before we head out to our safari tomorrow. Exchange some money, Masai market, eat at a very local area, and last but not least mattress finalizations. By some miracle the last task didn't need to by timed by a sun dial. Then back at Ahadi Katie whipped out her scissors and got to some hair cuts. She gave two ladies a dazzling hair do. But if you looked at her shirt you would guess that she was attacked by a pack of dogs. There was plenty of sitting and laughing until dinner and the smiles continued. We all sit with excitement for tomorrows safari expectations and reflect on yet another charming day in the little town of Arusha. A new Swahili word that we learned quite summed up our trip thus far and that is chekesha: funny. God bless everyone, and cant wait to blog when we get back! Prayers and blessings to all!

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