The God Who Hears and The God Who Heals

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our God is a God who listens, feels and sits with us in the most agonizing of discomfort. If we look through the Bible, we can see story after story of how God heals, provides, and reveals Himself through many horrific situations. 

One particular story touches many hearts.

In John 11, Martha and Mary, were overwhelmed by the death of their brother, Lazarus. After hearing the news, Jesus made his way to both Martha and Mary. Both of them cried out in anguish, “Lord, if you would have been here, my brother wouldn’t have died.” After hearing this and seeing their deep grief Jesus was “deeply moved in his spirit and troubled.” So he asked, “Where have you put him?”

And in John 11:35 after being told where Lazarus was lying, it states that Jesus wept

After weeping and feeling deeply moved by the Spirit again, Jesus went to the tomb and commanded Lazarus to come out. Lazarus was healed completely and effectively by Jesus’ powerful hand, and Jesus attributed it all to the Glory of God’s powerful will.

Let us not forget, brothers and sisters, that God hears our every cry. We, at Hope Ministries, pray that you all come to believe that God listens to our every prayer. We just have to be willing to cry out.

And sometimes God will come through and heal in ways that we desire Him to heal us. And then there will also come certain situations in life where we have asked, pleaded and begged God to heal or change or mend our broken hearts, and yet it seems that God is far from healing or mending any current situation in our life. It feels that God is distant in all the ways possible.

But let’s not gloss over the entire beauty of this story.. Jesus wept. He felt his sisters’ pain, and he was deeply moved by the agony of his dear friend’s loss. Even if Jesus did not heal Lazarus on that day, He still felt immensely the pain that we feel daily. What a treasure it is just to know that Jesus feels our pain too. He hears our every cry, and most importantly He brings comfort to each of our broken hearts. He may not be moving in the exact way that we are desiring Him to move, but He is moving, brothers and sisters. He is working out, mending and bringing together all situations for the Glory of all things. Let us come to Him, offer up our prayers, and let Jesus be the one to move in our lives. Not ourselves, not our spouses, children or friends. But let us allow Jesus be the One to stir inside our hearts and be the true God of miracles, whatever those miracles may be.

With Love,

Hope Ministries