The Choice Amidst All the Choices

It’s that choice of living. It’s that choice of placing yourself out there for all of His Light to be spread.  It’s not merely knowing or vastly containing, but it’s the doing and the living that spreads His Love both near and far. 

It’s going to be uncomfortable; you’re going to squirm.  It’s going to be draining; you’re going to tire.  But oh, it’s so worth it. Every second of every moment with Light spread is so incredibly worth it. Don’t let others tell you different. Don’t let strangers rob your gumption. Just go and live. Don’t be afraid to let life take you where God already knows you’ll go. And when you fall? Get up. Accept your imperfections. Embrace your faults and failures. They know you aren’t perfect, and so does He. Own it. Allow God’s extending hand to lift you up through His Word, through prayer, and through others. There’s so much Light to be shed and so much darkness to be conquered.

Let’s live boldly. Let’s live daringly. And let’s live a beautiful life for all to see.

Hope Ministries