Sunday, May 28th


Hi everyone,

Today we woke up and had a great breakfast again thanks to the wonderful staff here at Ahadi Lodge. Then shortly after went across town to Julius’ Church for their Sunday Morning Service. It was a beautiful Church full of wonderful people that really made our team feel at home. Everything was in Swahili but we all did our best to follow along with the sermons and songs, which I could recognize the tunes to, but was completely lost in the lyrics. The service had two beautiful choirs as well as a band that played. It was a really great experience to see how the locals here in Arusha worship.

After the service we mingled with the parishioners shortly, where I was approached by two young girls that said they recognized me from when we were at their school, which really made me feel appreciated. As soon as the crowd started dispersing we all made way towards Julius’ home. We immediately felt at home when Julius and his wife had all of our favorite drinks and snacks set out waiting for us. We spent the afternoon there and were treated with a fantastic lunch that made for an absolutely amazing Sunday. Julius and his family will truly be missed by our entire team as we start our journey back home tomorrow night. It was a pleasure to get to know them, and I’m proud to call Julius my friend after these three weeks we’ve spent together.
We came back to Ahadi Lodge and spent some time together playing cards, eating popcorn, and enjoying our last night together. The staff here gave us yet again another great meal of an assortment of different kinds of pizza (which we devoured). After dinner we spent awhile reminiscing on the trip as a whole, discussed all of the experiences we’ve gone through, and how each of us has grown as individuals in our time here. I’m going to miss this country, the people here, and this amazing team. Until next time Tanzania.