Sunday, January 1st

Sunday,  January 1st

Hello everyone! Emma here! Today we started off by going to church at the ALMC mission church. We got to visit with other people traveling to serve in Tanzania. We also got to speak with a lot of people from Tanzania or who had been living in Tanzania long term. We enjoyed getting to meet a lot of new people and enjoy a Tanzanian church service.


This afternoon we went out for lunch as a team and then went to a market to buy supplies for our hospice home visits this week. The market just kept going and going. We were a bit overwhelmed, but also amazed by how the market worked.  It is very different from our Walmarts and Targets. Meat is hanging out in the open and there are piles and piles of goods everywhere. Everyone was working so hard to sell their products and make their shops run. We loved getting to explore it and watch the process of buying things in the market.

This evening we had a dinner with the doctors that we will be working with this week. Getting to meet them before working with them tomorrow was very nice. All of the doctors were very down to earth and hospitable. We are so excited to work with them and learn from them as we do more clinics and surgery.

We are very excited for the week ahead! We can’t wait to experience a hospital in Tanzania. Getting to work alongside the Tanzanian doctors and nurses is something that we are all looking forward too. We are a little bit nervous to scrub in our first surgeries as nursing students and visit all of the hospice homes, but we know that God has big plans for this week. We love that we get to see all of our patients that we referred to the hospital from our outreach clinic. One of the things that we appreciated most about Hope Ministries is that we work hard to provide long term solutions for our patients. We do not just abandon our critically ill patients from outreach clinic. Instead we get to help our patients heal which is life changing for them. This whole process has been amazing to experience because we feel like we get to offer true hope to these patients. It is amazing to see what God is doing through us. He has already done amazing things and we cannot wait to see how he works through us and through the Tanzanian healthcare team this week.