Sunday, Jan. 22nd

Sunday, January 22nd

The day of goodbyes

As I reflect back on what we all accomplished over the last 3 weeks, all I can do is smile and praise God for his love, strength and guidance. Also I was so blessed with a lovely team. The team members each began to depart to return home, we shared their experience and I was so happy to see how God worked through each of them. Bless them for answering his call.

I had a welcome surprise because my son Meshack traveled from Mwanza too see me and came to our lodge on Saturday evening. The team had the please of meeting him. He is very concerned about drought and starvation in his country. I ask that all of you please say some special prayers for these people. Animals are already laying dead in the fields. This could be very devastating to their people. Last time there was a drought many animals and people died. Please God bring them rain.!

Praise God for a wonderful church service that Trish and I attended at Julius church. I received a lot of hugs and welcomed from the many people I have met their over the years. They welcomed me during the service and I am proud to say that I talked to them in Swahili. Julius gave me the thumbs up when I was done and the people really appreciated it. As we were leaving Julius mom and brother and came and greeted us. He has such a lovely family and we joined them at Julius home for lunch. I feel so blessed to have met this family and I was happy to see all the warmth and love between them all and the love and prayers they give to the Hope team. Julius grandma who is 89 came and saw us. She is just too cute and I always enjoy seeing her. Julius and his wife were such lovely hosts and we have a beautiful lunch. Best of all was all the hugs and kisses that I got from Julius son Jordan. He is going to be 5 and will start kindergarten next year. Same age as my grandson Chace. Made me lonesome for my grandkids, so welcomed the many hugs and kisses.

We then return to our lodge, where I had to finish paying all the bills…..the finances are the least favorite of my jobs, but with Julius assistance we got it done.

Now the goodbyes begin….and my drivers and assistance kept telling me not to cry! Fat chance that was going to happen! These people have left such an imprint in my heart that I will carry with me always. As Julius says…it is not goodbye but until we met again. I pray that God blesses me with health and will be returning in May.

Thanks everyone for the prayers, donations and support for this medical team. God will bless you abundantly.

Mama Gayle

 Julius Mom is braiding Trisha hair. 

Julius wife, grandma, mom and son.

Meshack (my son) with Trisha.

Love this boy…Meshack my son!