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Focus of Hope

We all hope for the best.  My role in my first day of seeing patients was to be truthful to people who had hoped for results far beyond my capabilities to provide.  Truth can be a hope crusher.  To tell two young people they will never walk again, in a land that is not meant for getting around on wheels, was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  I did my best to share that a good life still remains for both of them, but felt insufficient in my cultural knowledge that my words to encourage had any effect.  The dignity of these people and their families, their gratitude and love was awe inspiring.

For me wishing and hoping are two different things.  Wishing things can happen is typically done in a make-believe world where the laws of nature and man can be ignored.  Hoping is based in reality.  While I wish I could sprout wings and fly, my hope to learn to fly, led to the reality of being a pilot.  My wish to live forever as a 30 year old gives way to my hope that I live a good and meaningful life.  Hope realization requires vision and action.

I hope those two young people can see their way to a joyful life.  I hope that they can be given tools to help them achieve it.  I hope for wheel chairs that look like mountain bikes and roads in Tanzania that make it easier for the handicapped.  I hope I live to see these things and more.

Ralph Reeder

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