Successful Surgeries and Lessons Learned




Everyday can be thought of as a lesson. Early this morning, half of our team headed out to Selian Hospital for another day of surgeries. God blessed each of us with a successful day of operation. Hope Ministries completed and covered a total of eight surgeries. Both the students and the teachers (skilled surgeon and nurses) were able to learn so much from each other during each surgery. They both can carry this knowledge over to their future surgeries and serving others.



The rest of our team headed to the hospice homes to visit, care, and supply food for the patients today. They came back with an overwhelming sense of gratitude after being able to help each hospice patient. Each situation they encountered made them grateful for their own blessings and gifts back home. Life is a gift and many lessons can always be learned.

— Aaron, Hope Ministries Volunteer July 2022

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