Stepping Out. Conquering Fear.

Many of us, at times, experience a strong sense of Calling. A Calling so wonderful, so majestic, that usually fear slyly sneaks into the back of our heads and starts to drown out the Goodness that this Calling contains with doubt, cloudiness, and anxiety.  A fear so intense that it has the full potential to cripple our actions towards even pursuing this Calling at all. 

What if today we all made the decision to step out into that Calling and conquer the fear that is crippling what God is uniquely calling us to do? Maybe that looks like stepping out into a new position or a new experience, or maybe for you that simply begins with starting with baby steps and stepping out with trying something new.. other than your usual beverage of choice at the local coffee shop. This is a decision where we have the opportunity to experience more of what the Spirit has for us and less of what the flesh falsely tells us we are (less than, fearful, anxious, no good). What if today we made the decision to fully trust God, embrace His entire Spirit and step out into the all the magnificent goodness that God has in store for us?

And as we step out today, let’s encourage those who are currently stepping out with a bold-like presence and squashing that fear that once held them back. Let’s pray for Hope Ministries. Let’s pray for Gayle, the medical team, the Tanzanians. That God, a mighty God, would encourage them, each of them, as they step out into this next adventure and conquer this false fear that will no longer hold them back. Let us pray for safe travels. Let us pray for wise decisions, and let us pray for a sense of awareness that it is truly not them doing these wonderful works, but simply God’s Love flowing through them and allowing them each to be hands of His own. 

Let us all be more than conquerors through Christ and embody the goodness He has for our story.

With Love,

Hope Ministries