Sixteen Years of Pain

2022 Outreach Clinic Story:

“Today, we held an outreach clinic out in Maasai land in an area where they only spoke Maasai not Swahili, so after finding an interpreter we started our outreach clinic for the day. The nursing students who came along with us did an amazing job; they were able to remain both calm and flexible throughout the day despite everything thrown at them.

We were able to see a total of 87 patients, and the stories these patients have all endured just breaks out hearts. The impact of poverty here is unbelievable in so many different ways.  Many of the patients we saw today had deformities, sickness, and/or excruciating pain for years due to the lack of money and access to health care.  The outreach doctor chose this remote area specifically because of the high need amongst these people.

I was able to refer 8 patients to Selian Hospital today where they will be seen in our clinic by our ortho/spine doctor.  One of our patients today was a 41 year old that was in a car accident 16 years ago. She fractured her arm in the accident and had plates and screws surgically inserted into her arm. In 2019, she had a follow up X-ray taken; the X-ray showed her bones did not heal properly and were out of alignment.  They told her she would need another surgery as soon as possible. She did not have the money or resources to pay for another surgery, so she continued to live with painful, separated bones in her arm. 

Once we saw her, we were able to refer her to our ortho doctor asap, so she can finally have her surgery and live pain free once again. An extended thanks and gratitude goes out to all of our donors. It’s patients like this woman, who have endured pain for so many years, that you are impacting in such a positive way. We cannot thank you enough.

With Love,

Hope Ministries”