Sitting in the Stillness

Sometimes we are called to just sit in the stillness.

The stillness of the morning. The stillness of the hour. The stillness of the dusk.

It’s hard to find or even see such a stillness at times, but when we abide, when we listen, Jesus then has the full capacity to enter in. The Spirit has the full capacity to fill our voids, and God has the capacity to find our hearts once again.

Sitting still reveals the Glory of God in all His Nature. Sitting still unwinds us from the busyness of our day to day, and most importantly sitting still gives God the opportunity to speak boldly into our lives. For our future, for our now, for our calling, May we sit still with God to find the beauty in all of His goodness.

Grab a cup of coffee. Take a walk in nature or sit still in the coziness of your inviting Home. God is waiting. And where He is waiting, there He will be.

With Love,

Hope Ministries