Scratching the Surface

Hospice Story from Volunteer, Emma:

Our team has been completing hospice visits this week. Hospice visits in Tanzania are comparable to home health care in the United States. I went on multiple hospice home visits on Monday and Olivia went today. We both saw a lot of really hard cases that broke our hearts. Life can be so hard here for the locals, especially with the poverty levels being so extreme. We visited a lot of HIV positive patients and lot of bed ridden patients which was very difficult to see.



We have cared for so many patients here, and yet it still feels like we could be doing so much more. Tonight, we were reminded that God has worked through each of us to impact and positively change a lot of lives, even when it feels like we have barely scratched the surface. God has opened our hearts and minds and given us the desire to keep pushing forward to leave an impact and shine the light of Christ through providing healthcare. We know that this is not us. It is entirely Him and we feel so grateful to be a part of His work.


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