Saturday, January 10th

We were up early for breakfast and Cheryl, Sarah and Julius headed off on safari to see God's beauty in Africa.  They went to visit the Maasai tribe and Ngorongoro Park, which is one of my favorite parks.  I just talked to them because they had reached the lodge they will be staying at and sounds like they had a wonderful and relaxing day.  They are excited for tomorrow's safari.

Mark and I ran errands around Arusha and then packed all the medical supplies and packed our things ready to fly to Mwanza tomorrow to do medical work at Bugando Medical Centre.  We had to have some clothes washed in preparation for another week of medical work.  Then Cheryl, Julius and Sarah will fly to Mwanza on Monday after returning from safari.  

Please pray for our safe journeys and God please guide us to do your work in Mwanza.  I am excited because we will be holding our first annual NGO board meeting upon arrival to Mwanza.  I am excited to meet the Tanzanian members, which include Dr. Isidor, an orthopedic surgeon from Bugando Medical Centre; Wilson Elisha, a District Commissioner and then Mark and I.  History will be made for Hope Ministries and I pray that as a group we will examine and made decisions on how Hope Ministries can effectively serve the people of Tanzanian.  God be with us as we make these important decisions.