Well the team all got a good nights rest after returning to Arusha to Ahadi Lodge. The day was spent shopping and finishing up our activities in Arusha. After we were done shopping, we went to one of my favorite outdoor barbecues for pork, which is very good. Then we returned back to the lodge to lounge and then we had a lady that does beautiful henna come to lodge, so everyone so get their fake tattoos!

Fiona and the girls came to the lodge so I could see them and we had a nice visit. Also my friend Anna and her family came to see me about some of Anna’s health issue. I love that family and was great to talk to all of them. They recently lost their uncle and brother when I first arrived. They graciously gave me some coffee and a painting, which I was really grateful for.

We then headed to my dada Nai’s and her and her family cooked us a delicious meal and we had a great time visiting with all of her family. I love her like my real sister and I will never be able to repay her for all she has done to help me on this trip. The team was so nice in thanking her for all she has done for us. I stopped by the store and got some ice cream and chocolate candy for the team for desert. It was a big treat for them.

We then sat around a campfire that Nai’s family made for us and talked about our trip. I had each team member use one word to describe their trip. It warms my heart to hear how this trip has touched them personally and spiritually. God is good! We then gathered all together in the house and it was time for me to saw good-bye to Nai and her family. The tears came as usual, and was hard to leave. I then prayed with a lot of thanksgiving for all God has done for us. To HIM be the glory.

We got home late and everyone was very tired. Please pray for the team as we finish our last day here and begin our journey home.