Saturday, 12/26

I am so thankful to Julius for taking the team to Arusha,  so that they could experience the culture of the Tanzanians.  They attended the confirmation celebration of his Aunt and Uncle’s son.  Julius has a lovely family and I love and miss them very much and can’t wait to see all of them again when I return.  Here is a video and picture of the party.

I am busy packing and getting excited for my return to my 2nd home of Tanzania.  I just pray the weather cooperates and I am able to leave on time.

dca24773a19695ab46138564b878d0f5 This is Julius with his cute little son Jordan!

We had a very adventures day today! The Lord guided us as we traveled to the wonderful city of Arusha for the day! We had the pleasure of experiencing taking a public transport for the hour drive to the city. Upon our arrival we meet up with Faraja,  who was kind enough to accompany us on our journey and to drive us around for the day. The day started with a little bit of shopping at what would be a mall to us. Many small shops side by side with every shop owner eager for us to step in and take a look around. We all happily found either a pair of pants or some bracelets as gifts for loved ones back home.

 Julius’s uncles house was our next stop, as he needed to pick something up and then we headed to Julius’s home where we got ready for his cousins conformation party,  that he was kind enough to invite us too. It was very exciting to get to experience first hand the Tanzanian culture through dress, food, spirit, and dance! We had a wonderful time and felt very blessed to be so welcomed by all of Julius’s family. We thank God for all our safe travels, and we look forward to our return to Arusha on Tuesday,  after we pick up Gayle from the airport.  Well wishes to you all back home.

Allison Leinen