Return Home

Our Return Home:

As I sit on the plane ready to leave Tanzania, my heart is heavy with sorrow to be leaving all my friends and family here. As I reflect on the last few weeks, I praise God for all that we were able to accomplish to help these needy people. Yet I am still left with this feeling of I did not do enough. The need of these people is so great, that your heart yearns to do more. But I feel blessed by the many people that God has put in my life through this experience. Sometimes a particular case touches a special place in my heart, and I know God is calling my name, asking me to get involved.

The last night I asked each of the team members to say one word that describes their trip and then explain why. It always brings so much joy to hear what they have to say, because I can see how God has worked through each of them. I always ask the team not to forgot about this experience, but to use what they have experienced and learned to change their lives and others. My greatest wish is that they have grown in their relationship with God.

I feel so blessed by the people who have served on this team. Everyone got along so good and have bonded like one big happy family. We have shared prayers, devotions, laughter and tears. But God has been our light on this journey and was always by our side to give us strength and encouragement. Sometimes things look so hopeless, that we have to turn everything over to God and he guides us through it.

There is one special person I have to thank and it is my Tanzanian Assistant, Julius. I could not do this without him. He is always there to help me and when I am feeling down he gives me strength and encouragement. I so appreciate his love for his people, his humor and most importantly the love he has for his God. He makes the team feel so welcomed, loved and appreciated. The team just loves him. I know that God is going to bless you for all you do to help your people Julius. I pray for you and your family that you will remain safe and well until I return again. God bless you!

I hope all of the readers have enjoyed reading about our journey to Tanzania. I pray that we have touched your lives in some small way. As the team returns home they will have many stories to share with their families. I hope you feel called to help with a donation, because without your donations we could not do God’s work in Tanzania. Also if you feel a desire to go on a trip in the future, I encourage you to contact me. All my contact information is on my web site:

God bless,