Rare Disorders Treated

Outreach Clinic Volunteer Story:


“Wow what a day. It was a roller coaster of heart wrenching moment after moment. We served over 150 patients today. Nearly all of these cases we treated are things we rarely ever see in America. The student volunteers relied heavily on our leaders for guidance with the vast variety of diseases. One example, we encountered was our first case of worm belly today. This poor little girl was only 10 years old and had the biggest, cutest eyes one could imagine. She complained of stomach discomfort and pain. While in the states we have our own variety of medical diagnoses we would think of first, but in Tanzania, the first thing the doctors and Mama Gayle thought of was worms. Thank goodness for their wisdom, because were able to treat her accurately.

God spoke to each of us today, and it was beautiful. Person after person walked through those doors, each with threatening diseases and disorders, tumors and injuries. It was easy to become overwhelmed in the moment, and we all kept taking steps back to see each patient as the face of Jesus. Many times, we threw up our hands and said, “God, please give me your guiding light.” He provided for our team today through and through. We are so grateful to have made such a medical impact on these beautiful people.”

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