Prayerful Heart

We cannot believe that our fundraiser is right around the corner! As we continue to prepare for this weekend’s event, we ask for your prayers over our Shake Your Tailbone fundraiser. Please join us in praying.


Thank you so much for Your continuous provision over Hope Ministries. We praise You for our current financial blessings, our amazing team members and our fearless leader, Gayle. We ask You, O Lord, that You would go before this fundraiser and bless it abundantly. Lord Jesus, You know exactly what we need in terms of finances, support and gifts, so we ask that You would provide everything for Hope Ministries this weekend in order to continue on with the work that You have laid out before us in Tanzania.

We praise Your for Your goodness. We praise You for Your sacrifice, and we praise You for Your abundant Love. Thank You for everything thus far.

It is in Your Holy Name that we pray.


Hope Ministries