Placing the “H” in Hope

Hope Ministries stands for an important cause and each letter in the Hope that we share with others stands for a significant meaning.

As we look into the letters, we realize the trueness behind our “H” in Hope Ministries.


Something that each and everyone of us will need along the way. Something that each and everyone of us, at times and unintentionally, might take for granted. However, it’s something that each and everyone of them have little to no access to. So what do we do with this knowledge and saddening understanding to help their hungry, broken souls, O Lord?

We help. We provide. We serve.

At Hope Ministries, we improve the health of each individual that resides in underserved communities, such as individuals within the heartland of Africa. We provide our patients, local community members, and underprivileged children with the upmost healthcare that each and everyone of us deserves, but healthcare that not every one of them can afford.  We pray over patients. We protect them from any outside factors that may come their way, and we give them the best physical healthcare that we possibly can provide.

We do it not for our own glory, but for the Glory of His Upmost Being.

Will you join us? Whether that be in prayer, financially or coming along and serving right beside us, Hope Ministries needs your support in accomplishing His Mission.

With Love,

Hope Ministries