New Found Strength

A Hospice Story – From Mama Gayle

After my hospital visit, I went over to the hospice office to meet with the staff so we could collaborate together on a family, whose father is in the hospital, paralyzed. His wife is at home all by herself caring for their three small children.

When the team last visited with the mother, she told them that their children had not eaten in over 24 hours.  Hope Ministries provides food with the hospice staff for all the hospice patients. The staff said she just wept and wept once she received Hope Ministries’ food donation.

Hope Ministries will continue assisting this family with food on a monthly basis until we return again. I then visited the father in the hospital. We admitted him back in July due to terrible bed sores, urinary infections and sepsis.  He had limited motion of his arms at the time, so we had a physical therapist work with the patient daily. When I walked into the room, they let me know that he can now feed himself! Bwana Asifiwe! The once sad and depressed man now looked at me with a huge smile on his face. He was so grateful for all the support and help that he and his family have received.

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I told Hospice they needed to do weekly visits and then the volunteer visit the other days to help the mother get the patient up and upside and keep an eye on any skin breakdown.  I now feel better that we made some long-range plans for this family.  My heart goes out to them and between Hospice and Hope Ministries we will continue to support them to help them through this.  It is amazing how God guides us to the ones that need our help the most.