My Defender

“When I thought I lost me, You knew where I left me. You reintroduced me to Your Love. You picked up all my pieces. You put me back together. You are the Defender of my heart. And all I did was Praise. All I did was worship, and all I did was bow down. All I did was stay still.”

May we never forget God’s good and gracious promises to our wavering souls. In the good times and the bad, He is continuously defending our hearts. He is continuously by our side… There is no more striving, no more earning, no more working for His love. For it is freely given even when we contain the most broken and the most deprived of souls, His love is still freely given.

Alleluia. Prince of Peace You fight for us.


The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.
(Psalm 103:6)

From the orphans to the widows, to the women and men who’s voices aren’t being heard, to the poor and the lowly, to the wounded and the hurt, and even to those who appear to be standing tall in abundance of gifts and love, He knows where we are in the midst of it all in every season of life. He knows where we stand in the hurt of this world, and He knows where we have fallen in the brokenness of this pain. 

And He continues to beckon us, “Don’t stop coming to My feet, child. Please come, kneel before and be still. There’s no more striving, child. No more working your way to the top, child. I am working on your behalf. I am working on everyone’s behalf. I love justice and provide mercy. Trust me. Let go, and let Me put you back together.”


Come help us encourage and help those broken and hurting in Tanzania by joining us at our annual Shake Your TailBone Fundraiser on September 8, 2018 at The Bodega in Sioux City, IA. Great food starts at 6:00 pm with live music to follow. We hope to see you there!

With Love,

Hope Ministries