Monday, July 12th

Hello! Jambo

Today, our team split into two groups. The first group left at 0715 and went to the Selian hospital to round with the doctors.

The day started with prayer and a choir singing at the chapel of the hospital. Next the doctors went on rounds and did assessments and the team followed to observe. Many of the patients that came in had very serious wounds and orthopedic issues. It was a hard and emotional day as the team saw some very high needs come in to the hospital. Several of the patients came to Selian from our outreach clinics. We were so blessed that all of the referrals from outreach came to the hospital for care. Several surgeries were scheduled for the next two days. Praise God for those we are able to provide surgery for.

The second team was able to sleep in. After breakfast, three of our team members were picked up by a Hospice team consisting of a pastor, a social worker, a volunteer from the Maasai village and two nurses. The team traveled to four different homes in a remote Maasai village. The team brought food and medication to each of the patients. Three of the four patients were HIV positive and were taking ARVs (medication for HIV). One of the ladies has been on ARVs since 2008. The pastor prayed over each patient. One lady wept while we prayed. Another patient started singing and the whole team joined in. It was a touching and emotional moment. The patients were so thankful and appreciative for our help. They so graciously welcomed us into their homes.


It was a wonderful day full of God’s grace and provision. We are so blessed and honored to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus.