May 29th

May 29th

We had another day at the Orphanage and BMC. The boys taught the children about oral hygiene and wound care and were accompanied by Madi to have some help at the orphanage, and the rest of the team had another long day at the hospital which was filled with surgeries from the patients we saw on rounds from the pervious days.

The orphanage is filled with such sweet spirit! All the children instantly love you and are so happy that you are there. The team brought the kids lots of toys and treats such as balloons, plastic flutes and rings, bouncy balls, soccer balls, and lots of candy (or peepee in Swahili). They also brought Uno and the game Spot It and got to teach and play with the children!  They are some of the happiest children you would ever see, there smiles are so contagious and have an unconditional love for you that just melts your heart.

All in all the day was filled with fun and knowledge and overall was a great experience!


Wow a lot has been happening at the hospital.  Brian has conducted such great teaching sessions every day to the residents and the medical students.  I have heard such great comments from many of the staff about how they love that Hope Ministries focus is education.  Mark, I and some students made rounds with some doctors and students yesterday and it was very overwhelming because it lasted for 5 hours and I cannot believe the awful trauma cases we saw.  I told the students that this was a great learning experience because they are seeing things they will never see in the states.  Mark is such an awesome teacher and takes time to share his knowledge with our students and the students and staff at Bugando.

After two days of doing rounds, I am overwhelmed and very sad.  I saw more than one patient in the beds and patients on the floors.  As we listened to their stories of the horrific accidents they have had, and that they could not have surgery because they did not have money to pay.  These families were actively trying to get money so the patients could have their badly needed surgery.  My heart ached for these people and Hope Ministries contributed to some of the needed patients so they could have surgery.  Please each morning you get up pray and thank God for your many blessings.

Then there was this beautiful 12 years old boy who had CP with mental disabilities and had been in an accident.  He was riding on a motorcycle and his heel got caught in the wheel of the motorcycle and it about ripped off his heel and the tendon was not covered, thus it died so this child has lost flexion and extension of the foot.  He had the most beautiful dad who showed him so much love and he was really trying hard to care for him.  So today he came to surgery and he looked so scared looking around the surgical room.  Then we were informed that he could not have the surgery because it had not been paid.  I felt so bad for him and so I paid for the surgery.

I don’t have the words to express what each and everyone of the team members experiences here.  I enjoy our times together in the evening when we share our thoughts about the day.  It warms my heart to hear about how God is working in each one of their lives.

Julius’s Aunt was to have surgery today.  When she got to OR the doctor called me so I could be with her.  She is such a lovely lady.  Her BP was too high so we had to postpone the surgery.  I felt so bad, but she needed to be further evaluated so their would not be any complications from the surgery.

Please continue to pray for the team.  We have another big day at the Hospital tomorrow.

Mama Gayle