May 23rd

Hello everyone!

Today our group split up again with Kelsey, Jamie, Kaylin, and Taylor going with Gayle and the doctors to the hospital to observe some operations. Alissa, Ryan, and myself went to the orphanage to teach and play with the kids.

Again, most of the kids were off at school so we received a tour of the facilities. First impressions of the orphanage were similar to those that were felt yesterday. It is shocking to see these children living in that situation However, much like yesterday, the children are filled with joy. After going to the market and picking up some beans, corn flour, and fish for meals, we were able to spend time playing with he kids. Thanks to all of you who have donated to Hope Ministries, you brought smiles to many of the children’s faces, as the team purchased food for them to eat. We played soccer for what felt like hours, especially under that hot Tanzanian sun! We also played with the jump ropes that Kelsey had brought the day before. It was great to be able to have a “day off” and just play games with kids who desperately need love and support.

After a delicious lunch, we went back to the children and taught them about colds and wounds. Alissa discussed what colds are and why it is important to stay healthy and strong in order to avoid receiving and spreading illness. I talked about wound care and how important it was to keep cut, scrapes, and other sores clean in order to prevent infection and other disease. The children were very receptive to our teaching and were a joy to teach.

As for those at the hospital, their day was filled with amazing and educational experiences. The team performed three surgeries and all were very successful. Many of them got to scrub in and our doctors, Dr Reeder and Dr. Woodward were very good at teaching them and the staff what they were doing, or what they were looking at. They all thought it was such a great experience. Although the conditions in which they were working in were not what they were used to in America, they quickly learned that the hospital doctors and staff do the very best with what they have. They provided them a delicious lunch prior to the last surgery and they got to meet many more of the doctors. After their final surgery, they went to go round on the surgical patients of the day and all of them were doing great. Tomorrow is another big day of surgeries and the team is ready to get to work.

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Monday and Tuesday:

How can we impact the healthcare in Tanzania? EDUCATION!!! Will the Hope team was in full teaching mode the last couple of days and many patients, residents, doctors, nurses and students learned a lot today. It warms my heart to see and hear the teaching that is done.  This is what Hope Ministries is all about.  This makes me so happy.  This team is kind, patient and through their teaching they are making lasting impacts in the medical system here in Tanzania.  

We started out the day by meeting the acting Director General of Bugando Hospital. We were warmly welcomed and he thanked us for all the donated medical supplies, what we were doing to assist his doctors and especially for the tuition support for the 5 residents that we are helping in school. These young students are required to sign a contract with Bugando Hospital to commit to working there after completion of their education.  I received more hugs and  thanks from these residents.  They said they could not have met their dreams without the sponsorships that they are receiving for their education.  Thanks to all the donors who are making this happen.  God is good!

The students that attended OR with me today were able scrub in and assist with the surgeries.  What an exciting experience for them.  Dr. Ralph and Dr. Randy are such good teachers and they taught the Tanzanians and the US team so much the last couple of days.

I think you will remember our young girl from Burundi that had a large mass on the back of her head.   Hope Ministries is paying for all of her expenses so that she can receive medical assistance.  I am so excited to report that we did surgery on her today and it was a very positive outcome.  This young girl dropped out of school and was hiding in her house because she was embarrassed about her condition.  She was afraid that  there would not be a man that would every marry her.  I met with her mom after the OR and received big hugs, tears and a lot of thanks for what we did.  Of course the tears came and again God showed me that we need to reach out and help our brother and sisters in Tanzania.  They do not have the funds to get  health care, thus they are left with no options.  Hope Ministries is able  to give  them  that opportunity for a  chance at a new life.  God bless you all for your prayers and support.

Mama  Gayle