May 21st

May 21 2019

Hi my name is Luke Boose,

The trip to Tanzania has been an experience that is hard for me to put into words. So far, each day has held its own significant connection to me personally. Before this trip, I have never been out of the country let alone experienced what it is to serve other people through the work of Jesus Christ and it is something I will value for the rest of my life. Today was the first time I have scrubbed into a surgery. I was able to assist in an open reduction internal fixation of a femur fracture with intramedullary nailing. I was fortunate enough to have two amazing surgeons with me, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Robinson, who allowed me to be very hands on throughout the surgery. Aside from that, Dr. Wheeler also did a wonderful job at performing an external fixation of a femur and ensured the team(Alexa, Caitlin, Halie, and I) knew what he was doing every step of the way.


The other half of the team(Frank, Logan, and Madi)had the chance to be with the Hospice Group, where they witnessed the struggles of the Tanzanian people. Logan described a patient they saw who had HIV and Malaria, and the other two who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. These individuals struggle with staying consistent with taking their medication due to the lack of nutrition, because of the fact that you can not take your “dawa” on an empty stomach. So, the team brought them bags of food, and each of us can not even come close to explaining how grateful they are for this. One of the family’s that was commonly spoke upon amongst the hospice group was a marriage where the husband stayed with the wife although she was diagnosed with HIV. This is very rare throughout the Tanzanian Culture, normally the husband will leave the wife, so this was a heart touching experience for the group.



What a beautiful day we had with the team at the hospital.  I was so excited to see the OR staff and we exchanged hugs.  This group of people are so wonderful and were so welcoming and helpful to our team.  As I listen to the team as they talk about their day, and I can see how God is such a part of the bigger picture of this teams time here in AFrica.  He truly is our guiding light and continues to bring us the love and support that we need.

So grateful for Dr. Johnson for helping so many people who had severe shoulder pain by giving them steroid injections.  Many of these patients have been suffering for such a long time and it warmed my heart to see the many smiles he brought to these people.  They all were so grateful and said “Mungu akubariki” (God bless you).

Thanks for your continual prayers.

Mama Gayle