Love Without Borders

“Your Father God loves you as you are, not as you should be. He loves you beyond worthiness and unworthiness. He loves you in the morning sun and evening rain. He loves you without caution, regret, boundary, limit, breaking point.”                   – B. Manning

Hope Ministries works with many children, old and young, across seas who currently do not have any family caring for them. While they are being raised in loving orphanages, their lack of family starts their life out with some heartbreaking obstacles that they will have to one day overcome.

May we pray today over the many children who are fatherless across seas. May we pray that God gently reminds them, that they are perfect and loved just the way they are, for who they are, despite any obstacles in their past, present or future. God loves them in the morning sun and in the evening rain. God’s loves goes without borders. May we pray this over all the orphans in the world today.

With Love

Hope Ministries