Long Term Solutions

A Volunteer Story from Olivia


Today we held an outreach clinic for the Masaai tribe up in the mountains. We worked with some amazing local Tanzanian social workers, nurses, and doctors. Since the Masaii tribe is so far away from medical help and resources, there is a lack of finances for people to travel and get the medical care that they need. The first couple of patients we saw had extreme cases for cerebral palsy. It was so sad to see some of these cases. We were grateful we were able to provide them some support, relief and guidance. Patient after patient kept coming in to our clinic. We saw different cases from cancer patients, fungal infections, extreme wounds, vision problems, and motorcycle and vehicle accidents.


One of my absolute favorite things about today and the work that Hope Ministries does, is that we don’t just provide short term solutions, but we also help the patients finding long term solutions as well. We are able to refer and provide funding for treatment for many of the chronic illnesses that we encountered today. I am incredibly grateful to have received this opportunity to provide care for these patients. This care would have not been possible without the help of Hope Ministries.

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