Yesterday I received some very sad news. My heart is broken and the tears are many. This is a little boy that I meet at Light in Africa Children’s home. He had very crooked legs and Dr. Mark Wheeler did surgery on one of them and he was so happy to have straight legs again. I stayed with him until he went to sleep and then went to see him every day in the hospital. When he was ready to go home, we brought him home with us and he continued his postop care at Mama Lynn’s. He was a boy that stole the hearts of the team. I wrote about him in one of Hope’s Newsletters. I always brought him a gift when i would go to Tanzania, and he would rush to come give me a big hug and he had the most beautiful smile.

Will God must have needed him more than we did, so rest in peace and have fun dancing with the angels my sweet Living. You have forever touched my hearts and many of my team members. I am sending many prayers to Mama Lynn and her staff and to the family of Living.

I haven’t heard the details of what happened, but when I go over there in May I plan to visit his grave. Bye my sweet little Living, until we meet again. 

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