Last Day in Moshi

Today we woke up all bright and shiny to compensate for the clouds that seem to be forever present in front of mt. Kilimanjaro. One of these days we will see it! Then we packed our bags that could fit about 2 small children in each and headed to St. Joseph hospital. There we toured the hospital and were thoroughly impressed by their capability to keep the facilities very clean, and the great patient care that they provide. After that Amanda and I shadowed a doctor on his rounds and watched nurses change post op dressings. The things these people can endure on no pain meds make me feel like a baby when I tear up it I stub my toe. After that we head to get some real Tanzanian food that was suggested by our driver Freeman. If you ignore the fly in the cabbage it was all around a great tasting meal. After our tummies were full we headed back to good ol' tudor village. Here we cleaned out the medical closet and did some charting for the kids. The medical closet was something like Barney's magical bag in the sense that you never knew what Gayle and Julius were going to pull out of there. Believe me it was quite entertaining. To end the night like always we enjoyed the meal and shared countless laughs. Once again as always in Tanzania, the day was good and full of smiles. God bless all of those praying for us and keep it up. Thinking of all of you!
Jaclyn Smith

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