June 1st

Today at the orphanage we continued the painting project on the fence. We had to get more paint in the morning, so we went to the market once again. The market is something that is very different from the US. People are all going and going quickly, but everyone got their job done. Where we parked it was a waiting only spot so while our driver and Julius went to go get paint a random dude came and sat in our vehicle. It was really random and he didn’t speak any English so we just sat there wondering what was going on.
Once we got there we started painting one of the last walls that went the long stretch of the complex. We worked all morning and got most of it done. Once the Tanzanian sun came out we were able to see how sweaty we were getting. On the bright side the way the sun glistened off our sweat and the sweet smells of paint and kerosine allowed us to prevail on our mission. Lunch came around and we were able to eat till our tummies were full. After lathering up on some much needed sun screen that did not really help because of the intense sun, we went back out and played with the kids for a little bit and then we did our teaching project. Myself, Bailey, and Sarah with the help of Julius translating we taught the kids the importance of hand washing for the kids. That went well and they really enjoyed the suckers afterwards that we gave them.


This is the NWC students doing their hand washing teaching project to the children at the orphanage,


Well today was quit a day for the medical team. One of the hardest things about doing medical missionary work is when you are unable to help a patient. These patients have prayed to God for help and so when they see us they feel God has sent them to help them. So when we are unable to help them, the look of hopelessness rips at your heart. But by God’s strength we give them some hope for a life ahead.
Here at Bugando Medical Center I help developed a “time-out” checklist, which is like our preop checklist in the states, except in more detail. Dr. Isidor and I implemented it in the orthopedic surgical room and I was excited that they are now using it in all rooms. Also they allow me to say a prayer before with the patient and surgical team before we begin the surgery and I feel such a sense of peacefulness and strength that I know God is with us all.
Today was filled with a lot of challenges. There was a young girl who had severe burns from hot water, that has severely burn her face and neck. It was so sad. The burns were so severe that her bottom lip was turned inside out exposing all her teeth and lower jaw and fused to her neck, her eyes were open with no eyelids to protect her eyes and just had nasal passages for a nose. Her neck had a lot of webbing and fusion that she could not move her head. The decision in clinic was to help release her eyelids so that she could close her eyes to protect them, so that she would not damage her eyes and thus would keep her from going blind. Then Sarah was going to release the contractors in her neck to allow her some movement. Then I contacted ALMC to see when they would be getting a visiting plastic surgeon, so I could line up a referral for further surgery. I can’t even describe how sad this little girl looks. It just made us all so sad. So this sweet little girl was brought to surgery today. Because the child could not bend her neck, they were unable to get her intubated so that she could not be put to sleep for surgery. Several attempts were made and was unsuccessful. They even called the head of anesthesia to try and he was unsuccessful. Before he attempted I asked if I could call upon a strength greater than ours, so I prayed for God’s guidance and strength for the medical team trying to help her. We were very concerned that this would be the case when we saw her in the clinic. They were unable to get her intubated, thus we were unable to do her surgery.
I then called Nai in Arusha and checked on the contact name for the visiting plastic surgeon that will be coming to TZ in September and I took pictures and will send to this doctor and give him the situation in hopes they can bring special equipment to help her. I ask for all your prayers that hopefully she can be given some help. We ended the day with a sad and heavy heart for a couple of the patients. Please also pray for the medical team that God’s gives them the strength to deal with all these challenges. We know that you are with us God and providing us with strength and you are our guiding light.
I am so proud of this team and all the people that have been helped through their love and caring hearts and knowledge. Marni has been so busy testing her hearing and providing the doctor, nurses and family with referral and teaching on these people can be helped with their hearing loss. She is a very kind and great teacher, that has taken her time to teach the doctors, residents, nurses and our team about how to do hearing tests. She has done so much to help these patients. Thanks Marni for what you are doing to help and through your teaching it will make a long lasting impact on the people of TZ and the medical community. Also Dr. Sarah Powell is the best. She has done so much medically to help these people and many patients have been helped. She is an awesome teacher. She takes time to teach the doctors and assists them with the surgeries. God bless you Sarah for what you are doing to help.